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The fanny pack: which fanny pack to choose?

The fanny pack: which fanny pack to choose?

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The complete guide to choosing your banana.

An urban trend that has become essential in recent years, the fanny pack has become the essential daily accessory for trendy city dwellers.

Ideal for everyday life, there is no shortage of offers on the fashion market: shape, style, size, material, resistance... so many different options available to you to find your ideal fanny pack.

But how can you be sure to choose the one that matches your style, while respecting values ​​such as ethics or the environment?

With this guide, we will guide you to help you select the fanny pack you need!

1. Choosing your fanny pack: practicality above all.

Since the fanny pack will become your everyday ally, it is important to choose a format that is practical. Depending on your needs and desires, you can opt for a model with several pockets and compartments, to keep your essentials organized, or choose a model with a single large pocket, to put everything you want.

2. Choosing your fanny pack: opt for durability and resistance.

The fanny pack is generally worn on a daily basis, and will therefore be used very regularly. It is therefore important to choose your banana by favoring durable and resistant materials. Brands often offer bananas in canvas, leather or even new plant-based alternatives to animal leather, such as grapes. Certain materials will better resist bad weather, shocks, scratches... it's up to you to choose the material you prefer, and which will best suit your lifestyle.

3. Choose your fanny pack: choose a style that suits you.

Minimalist, elegant, sporty, designer, vintage, there are many styles and many shapes depending on the models and brands.

Some fanny packs, like the Pilot Fanny Pack from viahero® , are customizable: thanks to a removable shoulder strap, you can change the pouch by choosing a new color, for each new desire. In addition, you can also personalize it by having your initials or the inscriptions of your choice marked.

One thing is certain: there is bound to be a fanny pack that matches your aesthetic!

6 viahero® pouches sit next to a removable shoulder strap, which attaches to create the viahero® pilot fanny pack.

Customizable Pilot fanny pack from viahero® - €95

4. Choose your fanny pack: choose a responsible brand .

If you attach importance to the eco-responsibility of your bags and accessories, we advise you to look at models from committed brands, which manufacture ethically. They offer fanny packs made from ecological and sustainable materials, more local manufacturing, such as Made in France for example, and guarantees of repair and recyclability.

You will be able to combine style and environmental responsibility.

5. Choosing your fanny pack: suitable for all occasions.

Your fanny pack should be as versatile as you! It is therefore advisable to choose a model that can adapt to all occasions, and for your daily life, weekends, days at work or even relaxation and sports outings. Also think about your travels, whatever your means of transport, so that it becomes your essential bag.

The choice of a fanny pack is therefore based on a clever balance between practicality, durability and resistance, style, responsibility and utility. By taking into account your desires, your needs and your values, you will find the essential ally to accompany you in your daily city life.

So, ready to make a choice that reflects your personality and your commitment?


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