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The fashion trend of the moment: the Papi Cool trend, or the art of being casual, with elegance.

The fashion trend of the moment: the Papy Cool trend, or the art of being casual, with elegance.

Deciphering the Papy Cool trend of the moment, and advice for look ideas.

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a man sits with a viahero® pilot fanny pack, 1083 jeans and a le slip français wool sweater next to a polaroid camera, a vintage symbol.

Pinterest has revealed the latest trends to follow for the year 2024, and one of the trends stood out from the crowd: Grandpa Cool looks. But first, what does Grandpa Cool mean? How to easily recreate these looks? And what pieces should you find?

Follow the guide, we explain everything about this new Pinterest trend.

1. The Papy Cool fashion trend: what is the Papy Cool trend?

Much more than a clothing trend, the Papy Cool trend is above all a state of mind. A trend that is becoming more and more established in the world of fashion, the inspirations are relaxation and authenticity, and above all pieces with a slightly vintage side. Ideal for those looking to combine comfort and elegance for their looks.

A little visualization to better understand Grandpa Cool: imagine yourself strolling through the streets of Paris, the fashion capital, wearing quality clothes, which exude simplicity, and at the same time denote by a slight hint of nonchalance, and above all vintage. An approach that transcends generations, and which manages to capture the timeless charm of the men's wardrobe.

2. The Papy Cool fashion trend: how to follow it and achieve its looks?

The first tip is simply to opt for simplicity: for a Grandpa Cool look, opt for simple, timeless pieces, such as a quality white t-shirt, a light linen shirt, or even a wool cardigan. casual wool.

Then, don't hesitate to play with colors, daring to use rather soft shades, to bring a fresh and relaxed look: olive green, sky blue, or even beige will be your best allies.

Your new mantra? The quality ! You must favor natural and sustainable materials. We therefore advise you to opt for clothing made from organic cotton for example, or wool, or even linen, to favor comfort, but not to the detriment of the environment.

Finally, finish your look with accessories: an aged leather watch, a beret, or even a classic pair of sunglasses. Subtle accessories, but which will be essential to perfect your Papy Cool look.

3. The Papy Cool fashion trend: ideas for pieces to find for a Papy Cool look

1st piece: the linen shirt. Perfect for sunny days, the linen shirt will be light and breathable. Combined with well-cut pants, it will be the right balance between chic and casual, like the Marthe shirt from Declerck Studio

2nd piece: a wool sweater. Prefer a slightly vintage cut or pattern, to bring back the Grandpa Cool side. V or turtleneck, checks or even large quality knits will be your best allies, such as the Philippe turtleneck sweater from Slip Français

3rd piece: cotton pants. A must-have for your look, well-cut pants will be both casual and versatile. With a white t-shirt, sneakers and vintage accessories, it will be the ideal combination for an almost effortless look. Think for example of the fitted chino pants from 1083 .

4th piece: a vintage look fanny pack. Practical and timeless, the banana has been making a comeback for several seasons. We'll love wearing it around the waist, for a guaranteed return to the 90s, in Grandpa Cool mode. The viahero® fanny pack will be ideal.

a man sits, with a pilot viahero® fanny pack and responsible clothing, next to a VCR and cassettes from the 90s

5th piece: eco-responsible sneakers. We advise you to opt for a pair of durable sneakers, made from responsible materials, like the Bêta 1 sneakers from Zeta .

In short, you will have understood, the Papy Cool trend is easy to reproduce, by focusing on beautiful quality pieces, new or vintage. And above all, don't hesitate to open your grandparents' cupboard, you might find some great gems there!


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