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The Pilot Bag in grapes

Made in France, vegan and sustainable I (re)discover
Our engagements

2.5 kg of wine waste

= 1m2 of upcycled material I (re)discover
La sélection de Noël

Idées cadeaux

Je découvre

(Re)give meaning to your style.

In 1992, viahero® became the icon of a whole generation with its original and practical creations, thus giving everyone the possibility of asserting their style, without distinction. With the rise of fast-fashion, the brand gradually disappeared in the 2000s.


Today, we are deeply convinced that our style reflects our values.


In 2023, with you, viahero® is reborn from its ashes, to allow everyone to continue to assert their uniqueness through more ethical fashion. A (re)born brand, innovative and committed, via modernized emblematic models, made in France and vegan in grapes.

(re)discover the brand

Born in 1992

I (re)discover

Vegan and French

I (re)discover