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BORN IN 1992

"The most seen logo in the Paris metro for a few months

is no longer that of the RATP. It's Viahero's (...)"

Loïc Prigent, Liberation, 1997

In the 90s , Martial Viahero, a former military helicopter pilot , converted, with the desire to meet his daily needs by revolutionizing the world of fashion . This street designer, passionate and committed, designs and manufactures in his Parisian showroom-workshop the iconic and essential models of an entire generation : Pilot Bag, Record Bag, Color Bag...

Following its undeniable success, the
copies are becoming more and more numerous and the rise of fast fashion forces it to industrialize its production. Martial Viahero then loses taste for
creation and decides to turn to other passions.

Disappeared in the 2000s , the brand with the famous phoenix logo remains engraved in the hearts of an entire generation .

(RE)BORN IN 2023

"Viahero, the bag brand that is revolutionizing the fashion world."

Ninon L'Hostis, Girl Scouts, 2023

Marion Xerri , the niece of Martial Viahero, and Domitille Pescia , meet in one of their previous professional experiences in Paris.

Colleagues who have become friends, they regularly change the world by taking an interest in impact projects in fashion. Aware of the damage of this industry, they want to take part in the movement of ethical fashion, to finally offer urban accessories without compromise.

On December 31, 2021, Marion, her ambitious ideas and her interest in new ecological materials, embark Domitille in the relaunch of her uncle's brand, with the mission of creating fashion that allows everyone to reflect their values.

By immersing themselves in the brand's archives, entire binders of press reviews carefully preserved by Martial, they discover the memories of an entire generation.

The bet is on, and more than a simple reissue of previous models, they add to the (re)born values ​​that are close to their hearts, to make viahero® an innovative brand.

The Pilot Bag , an iconic backpack from the 90s, then became the first backpack made in France in grapes.

In March 2023, the project materialized with the success of a first pre-order campaign on Ulule, and the support of 125 contributors.

30 years later, the phoenix is ​​ready to rise from its ashes, to (re)give meaning to our style.


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Join one of our co-creation groups to enrich our DNA by sharing your memories with us. Together let's write the future of viahero®.

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