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5 anecdotes about the Paris metro

With Viahero Paris , our mission is simple: to make the daily lives of city dwellers easier, thanks to essential items made in France, conscious and committed.

And if we can assure you of one thing, it's that the Pilot Bag single-strap backpack is the ideal bag to accompany you on a daily basis, and especially on public transport. Yes, we tested it in the Paris metro, and thanks to its single shoulder strap, it pivots around the bust in 2 seconds, which allows you to always have your things at hand, and safe. Because everyone knows about the problems in the metro...

But the Paris metro also has surprising sides! We have unearthed 5 anecdotes for you about the Paris metro. Let's go !

1st anecdote about the Paris metro: the number of stations

The Paris metro serves no less than 309 stations, thanks to 16 metro lines.

What if we set ourselves a challenge: who would be able to name them all? 😉

Source: RATP

Saint Ouen metro station Viahero Paris

2nd anecdote about the Paris metro: the number of travelers

Hold on tight, the numbers are quite impressive.

Every day, around 4 million people take the metro in Paris. And as we said so well when we relaunched Viahero, "that's 4 million people who need a practical, versatile and secure bag every day... like the Pilot Bag!".

That is to say that since January 1, 2023, there have already been more than 500 million travelers. That’s a lot of people!

Source: Globometer

Viahero Paris metro crowd

3rd anecdote about the Paris metro: the architecture of the metro entrances

Who has never paid attention to the entrance to Paris metro stations? You know, these green barriers and arches, with rounded and surprising shapes, which are an integral part of the Parisian decor of more than 80 stations.

These entrances were designed in 1900 by the architect Hector Guimard, and have become true masterpieces of Art Nouveau.

With their iron and cast iron structure, their rounded shapes and their plant motifs, these entries are fascinating.

Originally, 3 different types of access had been created: pavilions (real buildings), aedicules (covered entrances) and surrounds (arches).

Today, there are no more pavilions, and only 3 buildings remain. Did you recognize them? Let us know in the comments if you know which stations they are at.

Source: RATP

Viahero Paris metro station

4th anecdote about the Paris metro: the deepest station in Paris

The deepest station of the Paris metro is none other than Abbesses station, located in the heart of the Montmartre district.

Located more than 36 meters below the ground, there are no fewer than 176 steps to go down (or up...!).

Source: Paris Zig Zag

Metro Viahero Paris

5th anecdote about the Paris metro: the end of 1st class

Originally, there were 2 classes in the metro. 1st class, which was located in the middle of the metro train, was reserved for passengers who paid a higher price.

And it was only in 1991 that the 1st class was abolished. Hard to imagine today, isn't it?

Source: Les Echos Start

Viahero Paris metro station

If you liked these anecdotes, let us know in the comments!


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