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Frenchy Monday: discover Made in France brands 🇫🇷

When we relaunched the iconic brand of bags and accessories from the 90s Viahero Paris , we chose to commit to highlighting Made in France !

Pilot Bag single strap backpack viahero paris made in france vegan

Our (Re)born collection , with the Pilot Bag single-strap backpack and the Pilot Pochette , is therefore made in France , in a partner workshop certified as an Adapted Company. Because yes, Made in France is a real commitment ! Moreover, if you want to know what is behind this commitment, we invite you to read our previous article on the theme "Why buy Made in France?" right here .

2 men wear the Pilot Bag single-strap backpack and the Pilot Pouch by Viahero Paris, made in France and vegan in grapes

Good News Pack: Pilot Bag & Pilot Pouch

At Viahero, one thing is certain, we want to go ever further in our approach to highlighting manufacturing in France. We therefore participate in events around French entrepreneurship, we created the French Reborn, the small digital guide to Made in France brands, which highlights brands and products in all sectors ( you can download your guide for free here ), and we love discovering new brands every day!

So we had an idea: organize a live on our Instagram account , and invite a Made in France brand so that it can present its history, its values ​​and its products to us. A few weeks ago, we asked our community what day they preferred to organize these lives, and they asked for Monday.

So our concept was perfect: Frenchy Monday !

1 to 2 Mondays per month, so we give you an appointment at 7 p.m. on our Instagram account , to join our lives: you can discover the guest brand, ask questions and even give your opinion!

For our first Frenchy Monday, we invited Julie Blondel, the founder of the clothing brand Sevenlie , whom we met when we made our French Reborn brand guide. For about 1 hour, we were able to talk about Sevenlie, the values ​​of the brand, Julie's journey, and the difficulties of the journey (yes, because there are some!), and also some of her pieces that we have even tried live! We have deciphered the underside and the challenges of French manufacturing, and the issues we face. We invite you to watch the replay right here on our Viahero Instagram account .

Replay live monday frenchy Viahero Paris on Made in France with Sevenlie

For the second Frenchy Monday, Pauline and Cynthia, the founders of the Yoleau brand, were invited. Together they created a new aperitif drink, with 4.5% alcohol (alcohol abuse is dangerous for health), 0 sugar, 0 gluten and only 83 Kcal. And of course, they concoct theirs in France. Find the replay of the live on our account and discover this nugget Made in France.

Live Monday Frenchy Made in France Viahero Paris Yoleau

Do you like the concept? Do you want to discover even more brands that are fighting to manufacture in France? Do you know any brands that you would like to discover?

Subscribe to our Instagram Viahero to be kept informed of our lives.

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