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5 Valentine’s Day gift ideas for women and men

5 Valentine’s Day gift ideas for women and men

The eco-responsible gift guide for Valentine's Day 2024

Valentine's Day - gift idea - made in France

eco-responsible Valentine’s Day gift ideas for men and women

Tick, tock... Valentine's Day is fast approaching! Are you looking for the perfect gift for your loved one? Do you want to opt for gifts that combine love, style and responsibility? Follow the guide, we discover a selection of 5 gift ideas for women and men, which are responsible.

1st Valentine’s Day gift idea: a French Pierre Lannier watch

Watchmakers since 1977, the Pierre Lannier brand has been offering very beautiful watch models for over 40 years. Assembled in France, in their workshops in Alsace, their watches are designed to follow you in style, in every moment of your life, with a touch of French elegance on your wrist. In terms of models, the brand has nothing to be ashamed of: there are many, which will suit all styles and all desires, for women and men alike.

pierre lannier watch made in france blog viahero®

Pierre Lannier

2nd Valentine’s Day gift idea: a Viahero® Pilot Fanny Pack

Iconic brand for an entire generation in the 90s, viahero® has returned to the forefront of the fashion scene since last year. Relaunched by the founder's niece, the models of the time were redesigned in grapes, and in France. Mixed, urban and practical, these are resistant and durable pieces, designed for everyday life. To mark the release of their new Pilot banana, the brand is not doing things by halves: for Valentine's Day it is offering you Le Duo, a pack of 2 bananas, to choose for you and your other half...

viahero® pilot banana duo

3rd Valentine’s Day gift idea: a Le Petit Dormeur travel cushion

Who has never had a sore neck during a trip while wanting to rest? Le Petit Dormeur is here to revolutionize your journeys! This 3-in-1 travel cushion is ultra well thought out: ergonomic, light and comfortable, it allows you to sleep wherever you travel. Thanks to its 3 ways of using it, you will finally be able to sleep the way you want! And its plus? It is made in France, in 100% cotton fabric sourced locally. In short, the ideal original gift!

travel cushion the little sleeper made in france blog viahero®

4th Valentine’s Day gift idea: a pair of zero-waste Zeta sneakers

Zeta is the sneaker brand that has taken on the challenge of deconstructing the fashion industry, and offering sneakers entirely designed from recycled, vegan and recyclable materials, and all this with the most transparent possible. The models are timeless, unisex and comfortable, and made from corn, grapes, and other recycled waste: perfect if you want to buy the same pair each!

5th Valentine’s Day gift idea: one piece Le Slip Français

If you want to find a responsible, Made in France gift idea and you love fashion, you can't miss Slip Français! The expert in basic and comfortable underwear offers you a very wide range, where you are sure to find what you are looking for. The nice part? They offer embroidery on several models, if you want to offer a truly personalized gift.

French briefs made in France viahero® blog

By choosing one of these gifts made in France or responsibly, you show your love not only to your partner, but also to the planet. So, for this Valentine's Day 2024, choose style and sustainability with these unique and ethical gift ideas.


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