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The birth of the viahero® brand: the story of its founder, Martial Viahero.

The birth of the viahero® brand: the story of its founder, Martial Viahero.

The story of the founder of the viahero® brand, Martial Viahero.

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Martial viahero®, founder of the viahero brand of bags and accessories.

Founded in 1992, the viahero® brand of bags and accessories has left its mark on an entire generation, thanks to its fun, colorful creations designed for everyday life.

In 2023, the brand will rise from its ashes, to convey values ​​such as ethics, made in France, or even material innovation, such as plant-based materials as alternatives to animal leather.

But who is behind the brand? What is the profile of its founder? How were the models born? We tell you everything about this extraordinary founder, and the birth of this brand that has become iconic.

1. The viahero® story: the beginnings as a pilot.

Martial Viahero likes to define himself as a "slasher", an English word which translates the fact that a person has lived a lot of experiences. And Martial Viahero has had quite a few experiences.

He first began his career as a military helicopter pilot in the army for 7 years. He realizes his "first fantasy", and becomes a pilot, a childhood dream.

Very interested in general in fashion and creation, it was during the 90s that he observed that several very well-known brands, French and even American, used aviation as a creative thread. And one thing surprises him: no pilot is hiding behind these brands.

Martial viahero®, founder of the viahero brand of bags and accessories.

Martial Viahero, founder of the viahero® brand.

2. The viahero® story: going from pilot to stylist.

After 7 years in the army, Martial Viahero decided to leave everything and "go to Paris" to try his luck in the fashion world. “You have to be bold in life,” he says.

He joined a fashion design school, took classes to learn how to make skin clothing (leather clothing), and walked the Sentier, a legendary fashion district, for inspiration.

Gradually, he realized that he was more and more attracted to making bags and accessories.

Martial viahero® sewing bags and accessories

Martial Viahero, founder of the viahero® brand, making bags and accessories.

3. The story of viahero®: the creation of a bag brand.

He first started by reselling the bags he bought, and then, thanks to his curious nature, he began to make them himself and create models.

At first, he "tests the waters a bit", and doesn't really know where he's going. But little by little, he ends up finding his identity.

Martial viahero® manufacturing viahero® bags and accessories in France

Martial Viahero, founder of the viahero® brand, making bags and accessories.

4. The story of viahero®: the birth of viahero®.

For the name of his brand, he wanted a strong sound, especially around aeronautics, in memory of his experience as a pilot. viahero®, which is in fact not its real name, is an association that comes quite naturally to it: via, a term used in aviation (Paris - New York via Brussels for example), and hero, in homage to the heroes of aviation.

For the logo, he created a phoenix, a winged metal man, a symbol that corresponds to him and represents him.

In terms of models, he wanted practical bags that met his everyday needs, were affordable and colorful. He works in a short circuit in France, making his bags in his Parisian workshop-showroom. He adapts to the market, responds quickly to demand, and lets his creativity speak.

viahero® was born!

Old advertisement for viahero®, brand of bags and accessories

Historical advertisement from viahero®.

5. The story of viahero®: a dazzling success.

Between 1997 and 1999, the viahero brand experienced dazzling success: Loïc Prigent headlined for Libération: “There are more viahero® logos in the Paris metro than RATP logos”.

The models sell like hotcakes, come in dozens of shapes and colors, and are in every middle and high school classroom.

Several flagship models will leave their mark: the Record Bag messenger bag, inspired by London courier bags, or the Pilot Bag, a single-shoulder backpack, designed for everyday life.

Old viahero® bags

Bag models and accessories from viahero®.

At the beginning of the 2000s, the brand finally died out.

30 years after its creation, Martial Viahero's niece, Marion Pilot .

Martial viahero® surrounded by Domitille Pescia and Marion Xerri, the founders of viahero®

Martial Viahero, surrounded by his niece Marion Xerri and his friend Domitille Pescia.


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