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Black Friday, for or against? Made in France acts in favor of accessible sustainable fashion.

In a world where consciences are becoming increasingly open to environmental and social issues, the debate between sustainable fashion and the annual phenomenon of Black Friday is taking on a new dimension. While the prices of sustainable fashion and made in France are often considered inaccessible, especially during periods of inflation in France, Black Friday is criticized as the annual event of overconsumption, contributing massively to the production of goods that are often little sustainable, without forgetting the increased pressure on workers in already questionable conditions.

It is in this context that the collective response of Made in France actors is heard, a call to rethink our way of consuming fashion. If brands manufacturing in France already apply lower margins compared to the fast fashion giant, the objective here is clear: to make made in France more accessible and visible.

1/ The Tricolor Days

Seven Made in France players are launching, from November 20 to December 20, 2023, a collective movement joined by more than 200 partner brands: 1083, Blanc Bonnet, DAO, La Gentle Factory, viahero®, Maillot Français, Nodie's, Quanailles, Maison Bonnefoy ... If this movement had been initiated by Lafuma Mobilier in 2021, it now becomes a collective operation supported by La carte française, Origine France Garantie, FIMIF, Marques de France, MIF Expo, La source française, and the boutique collective Made In France. An action which proves once again that the players in the made in France sector are driven by common human, economic and environmental values.

The objective is to respond to inflation and highlight French manufacturing by offering a unique promotional code, LESJOURSTRICOLORES, offering reductions of up to -30% depending on the brand.

This Christmas will be decisive for many brands. So, in order not to lose our know-how, it is time to take advantage of it to consume locally. Let's remember, buying products made in France means 10 times more direct and indirect jobs, 2 times less CO2, financing our social and economic model, preferring sustainable quality and allowing the development of our territory.

Take advantage of -10% with the code LESJOURSTRICOLORES on our e-shop. Find all the partner brands and offers via the site HERE .

2/ Le Bleu Blanc Rouge Friday: Local Purchases at Regular Prices!

Black Friday offer from made in France, blue white red Friday logo discounts from -10% to -30%

For its 4th edition, from November 24 to December 3, 2023, the Gobi brand leads a collective of more than 40 partner brands such as Danika, viahero®, Elia, la Crème libre, Montlimart, Quo Vadis... which offer products made in France and who decide to act together at a pivotal moment to help those who wish to offer responsible gifts but need a helping hand.

This collective action is based on a diversified offer with the aim of pleasing as many people as possible, from the youngest to the oldest, for a Christmas under the colors of the tricolor flag and showing the extent of Made in France talents.

A unique promotional code is offered, BBRF23, offering reductions of -5% up to -20% on the various partner e-shops. Fashion, cosmetics, decoration, games, accessories... A set of categories and varied creations for unique gift ideas with a positive impact.

Take advantage of -10% with the code BBRF23 on our e-shop. Find all the partner brands and offers via the site HERE .

3/ Committed Friday: The Right Price. Not Just the Price.

As sustainable fashion gains momentum, crowdfunding platforms are emerging as drivers of this change. Among them, Ulule stands out as one of these major players, offering a showcase to designers engaged in the design of more environmentally friendly fashions. In this sense, Bien ou Bien, the platform's guide to committed brands, is launching the Engaged Friday collective action. New support for brands that respect the planet and humans.

“Don’t just consume, but just consume!” This is the message carried and supported by the 200 Made in France brands, but not only that, signatories of the Bien ou Bien charter which, on this rather special Friday, are offering reasoned promotions between -5% and -20%.

Take advantage of -10% with the code VENDREDIENGAGE23 on our e-shop. Find all the partner brands and offers via the site HERE .


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