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viahero® sets up in Toulouse: a pop-up concept store for responsible parties.

viahero®, the vegan leather goods brand, is setting up shop for 2 weeks in the heart of the pink city, Toulouse. Come and discover the French Concept Store until December 10, organized by la Bonne vague and Club Engagé, an ideal space to help you find ideas for sustainable and responsible Christmas gifts.

Alongside 25 brands made in France (fashion, beauty, home, delicatessen and children), find the entire (RE)born collection from viahero®. The rebirth of the iconic leather goods brand of the 90's, without any compromise on style, environment or ethics, and its models made in France and from grapes.

A showcase of French talents and know-how, designed through a unique selection of quality products for all tastes and different budgets.

Let us share with you the team's 4 French favorites, at the heart of a panel of stunning brands.

1/ Maison Carrillo, the essentials for the men's wardrobe.

a man wears a khaki t-shirt with a bicycle embroidered in white from a men's wardrobe made in France

The mission of Maison Carrillo is clear: to prove that the entire making of a garment is possible in France, from the buttons to the final stitching.

2/ Allies, creative and upcycled wardrobe, for everyone.

Zoom on an upcycled jacket with unique blue shades

A simple dream, caring fashion for all, carried by a designer inspired by the strength of character of the women in her life. A differentiation in style possible thanks to the uniqueness of its upcycled creations. Sometimes a simple word is enough to begin writing the story of his creations, between escape and commitment.

3/ La Maison des Grands Lacs, for a festive meal unlike any other.

Set of oils and vinegars made in France

Quality, healthy, delicious products that respect people and the environment in a setting of flavor and creativity. Discover the discovery boxes in the concept store, with different oils and vinegars from the house, which will allow you to add a touch of originality to your dishes. A close collaboration with French artisans for a delicious marriage between common aspirations and taste.

4/ Delikao, the well-being chocolate range.

Chocolate bar made in France for well-being

“Get up & Go”, “Feel good”, “Skin Glow”, surprising names that announce the promise of the Delikao brand. Premium, ultra-delicious and healthy chocolates with clear and proudly demonstrated virtues. Enriched with plants, vitamins and minerals, in a tablet that transforms into a case, to be immersed in regularly, Delikao will become your daily ally.

Our team is proud to be present alongside these different brands to help you relocate your end-of-year purchases .

Choosing to offer a responsible gift to the French Concept Store means supporting brands that promote products made in France, encouraging large and small creators, focusing on the quality of know-how and consuming locally. Choose to act in favor of meaningful end-of-year celebrations.

To discover more, test and touch our creations, go to the French Concept Store Christmas Boutique:

5 rue Kennedy, 31000 Toulouse
From November 25 to December 10 inclusive
Open every day, even Sunday


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