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Take part in the rebirth of Viahero!

Does Viahero mean something to you? If not, then you must not have been a teenager in the 90s . Little secret: neither do we!

Founded by Marion's uncle, this iconic brand of bags and accessories conveyed strong values, and had a loyal clientele in the 90's.

30 years later, we decided to resurrect Viahero from its ashes ! And to bring it back to life, we needed to understand the DNA that Viahero had at the time. Immerse ourselves in its universe , understand and understand what the brand was in the 90s, so that we can add our own values ​​to it.

Because Viahero was above all bag models with a history, a personality, a set of values ​​which differentiated the brand from its competitors, and which made it unique ! It was therefore crucial for us to preserve its identity, while adding current values, such as the manufacturing of our bags in France , or the choice of a zero-waste plant material made from grapes .

1992 advertising campaign for Viahero Paris. We see a young girl in front of a Record Bag Viahero Paris poster.

Advertising campaign for Viahero Paris - 1995

Our first chance? Martial, the founder, had the good idea of ​​keeping all the press reviews from the time. And believe us, there were some! It's super fun to delve back into the articles from fashion and teen magazines from that era: a return to the 90's guaranteed ! All these press reviews allowed us to go back in time, retrace the history of the brand and understand its values. We were thus able to preserve the very essence of the brand , while modernizing it .

Article by Loic Prigent for Libération on the Viahero brand of bags and accessories

Article by Loïc Prigent for Libération, 1997

Our second chance? Well it's you! Yes, you, who knew Viahero in the 90s, who surely had 1 model (or even 2, even 3), who wore it and lived with it. If you are a former customer of the brand , then you are best placed to help us understand the brand's DNA even better! And to help us, it's very simple: we invite you to join one of our co-creation groups . On the agenda: share your experience with the brand, give us your opinion on the relaunch, the new values, and help us renew the personality of Viahero by joining our community (hello Viahero Family).

So, ready to co-create the future of Viahero with us?


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