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Why buy Made in France?

By relaunching Viahero, we decided to make Made in France our hobby horse! You will have understood, Made in France is truly at the heart of our values . But buying Made in France, what difference does it make? We will explain everything to you.

How about we talk numbers?

Study on Made in France, carried out for the relaunch of Viahero Paris.

Surprising, right?

These are the figures we came across when we started thinking about the rebirth of the Viahero brand. And that clearly appealed to us. So we dug deep and tried to understand what the advantages were of producing our bags and accessories, such as the Pilot Bag backpack and the Pilot Pouch , with a workshop in France.

Made in France is a guarantee of quality

Buying a product made in France means buying a good quality product. Eh yes ! In France, there are very many very strict standards, which govern the manufacture of all types of products, in all types of French workshops or factories.

In addition, buying a product made in France also means buying a product that has been produced using French know-how, and which are recognized throughout the world for their high standards and expertise. At Viahero, we have therefore chosen to work with a French workshop : all our backpacks and accessories are made by hand, in France of course, by qualified people.

Because we are committed to offering you durable, quality products that you will keep for a long time!

A man and a woman wear the Pilot de Bag Made in France and vegan in grapes by Viahero Paris

Pilot Bag mono shoulder backpack by Viahero Paris

Made in France means supporting the French economy

We promise, here we will not talk about politics!

But it is important to point out that buying a product made in France directly supports the economy of our country: indeed, we support French industry and companies, and we preserve jobs.

Well, and then it's true that we are a bit chauvinistic too!

French flag for article on made in France from Viahero Paris

Besides, we have just joined the Carte Française , we'll let you discover their gift card concept!

Made in France is more ecological

We're not going to draw a diagram, but it's logical: Made in France is more ecological.

In fact, if you buy your Pilot Bag , it will not have traveled around the planet before arriving on your back! It is made in France, in Limoges, and therefore travels few kilometers before being delivered to your home.

Result: its carbon footprint is naturally much lower than a product manufactured on the other side of the world.

Ecological image for Made in France item from Viahero Paris

Made in France means respecting human rights

If you order one of our Viahero accessories , you are buying a product made on French soil. And that means that you participate in the respect of human rights and social standards.

Indeed, France is a country in which social standards and respect for workers' rights are highly regulated and respected: a legal minimum wage, decent working conditions, health standards, no work for children...

And that is very important to remember!

A hand holds the vegan Pilot Pochette in grapes and Made in France by Viahero Paris

Viahero Paris Pilot Pouch

Made in France is to promote professional integration

When we wanted to relaunch Viahero , we thought it was important to give real meaning to this relaunch.

In France, many manufacturers make it possible to promote the professional integration of certain workers. Many certifications exist, such as ESAT, EA, EI...

Our French partner workshop with which we work is a certified Adapted Company workshop: that is to say, it is a workshop that promotes the hiring of people with disabilities.

Buying one of our Viahero models means being sure that it was made in France, and that the professional integration of a person with a disability has been promoted.

And that's nice, isn't it?

Three women from the Viahero Paris workshop make the Pilot Bag Made in France backpack

Photo taken in our French partner workshop

Made in France means perpetuating our know-how

Finally, it is very important to also note that buying a product made in France, such as the Pochette Pilot for example, also means perpetuating French know-how.

Indeed, by manufacturing in France with Viahero, know-how can thus be preserved and passed on to future generations...

Vegan leather shoulder strap in grape plant material Made in France from the Pilot Bag by Viahero Paris

Pilot Bag mono shoulder backpack by Viahero Paris

If you have reached the end of this article, one thing is certain: you too want to support Made in France!

So download the French Reborn , the little digital guide to Made in France brands, to find all the French products you need: fashion, cosmetics, food, lifestyle...

Together, let's promote our know-how!

And share your favorites with us on Instagram with #frenchreborn 🇫🇷❤️


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