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4 essential Made in France products to have

4 essential Made in France products to have

Selection of 4 essential products made in France

made in France

French flag for products made in France

Follow the guide, we have found 4 absolutely essential products to have, which are made in France. Quality, ethics, local manufacturing, know-how, support for the French economy, and limited environmental footprint, French products do not have to be ashamed of their advantages.

So why deprive yourself of it?

We present to you a list of 4 Made in France nuggets, to make your daily life easier.

1st essential product Made in France: a Gobi water bottle.

The first essential product for your daily life is to have a water bottle. A true ally for every day, it is the essential item to stay hydrated all day long.

Placed on your desk, slipped into your bag, or in your hand when you play sports, it is an essential that will follow you throughout your day, whatever your activity.

You must therefore opt for a quality bottle, with a design that is both practical and beautiful. The Gob i indoor water bottle will be a great ally, made from recycled and recyclable glass, super resistance, its ergonomic cap, and of course its French manufacturing.

Available in lots of colors, we love the size and format. All that remains is to choose yours!

gobi indoor water bottles made in france

Gobi indoor water bottle

2nd essential product Made in France: a Pilot Bag viahero® single-shoulder backpack.

Finding an ideal bag for your daily life, which is practical, light, resistant, and responsible, is a real challenge.

The 90s brand viahero® made its comeback in 2023 with its iconic Pilot Bag backpack : thanks to its single shoulder strap, it pivots around the bust, for easy access to all openings. Redesigned in a grape-based plant material, it is super resistant, does not stain or scratch, and requires no maintenance.

Made in an Adapted Enterprise certified workshop in France, you will be sure to invest in a quality bag.

Ideal for your daily life, therefore, accompanied by your Gobi bottle, which you can slip inside without any problem.

pilot bag backpack by viahero® single shoulder strap made in france

3rd essential product Made in France: Popee toilet paper.

Much less glamorous, certainly, but just as essential as our first two nuggets: Popee toilet paper ! Yes, but not just any toilet paper, healthy, supportive, and above all made locally. Small gestures, big impact. And with second degree, please!

Toilet paper is sold by the brand, individually or in the form of a subscription to make your life easier, made from recycled or alternative materials, without any controversial materials or toxic components. Enough to make us want to “wipe French”!

An essential to find quickly.

popee toilet paper made in france

4th essential product Made in France: a Hopoli duvet insert.

Have you ever heard of the Hopoli duvet insert? We will explain everything to you.

Is changing a duvet cover a real cardio session for you too? And reassure us, even after having tried all the tips available on the internet, you still need two people to face this ordeal?

The Hopoli duvet insert is the solution you need! These are two
clips, a true 3-in-1 system, which hangs on a door, which allow you to put your duvet in its cover in a few minutes without difficulty. A simple idea, yet so ingenious, that we all need every day. In short, an essential, obviously made in France.

put on hopoli duvet

Hopoli duvet insert

And for even more French initiatives, you can find a whole list of Made in France ideas and brands in the Viahero® French Reborn Guide .


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