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Fanny Pack: how to wear a fanny pack with modernity?

Fanny Pack: how to wear your fanny pack with modernity?

The guide to wearing a fanny pack in a trendy and modern way.

fanny pack - trendy

a man wears a viahero® pilot fanny pack

A flagship symbol of the 90s, the fanny pack has been making a comeback in recent years as one of the major urban fashion trends to follow. Beyond its practical side, it is the accessory that revolutionizes your style, adding both a touch of modernity and a retro touch to your daily looks.

But how to wear it well? Follow the guide, we'll give you all the advice you need to wear this must-have.

1. To wear your fanny pack correctly: first choose the right model

The first step above all is to choose your model.

One thing is certain: you have to dare to play with colors! A very colorful banana will add a bold touch to a discreet look, and a neutral shade will be an easy essential to wear in all circumstances. If you are a fan of going all-purpose, don't hesitate to choose a color that can harmonize with the majority of your wardrobe.

Then, choose a shape and design that suits you: round and flexible if you like to carry as many things as possible with you or more refined and straight lines if you like to work on your style. The main thing is to find a fanny pack that you can use every day, and that will match your needs.

If you need more advice on choosing the right fanny pack, you can read our blog article on this subject, right here .

2. To wear your fanny pack well: combine it with style

The fanny pack will be the ultimate touch to accessorize your look. But before accessorizing it, it is important to put together your look.

You can opt for an urban chic outfit, with a blazer, a skirt or even ankle boots: a chic and modern look, which will go perfectly with a fanny pack.

For a more casual outfit, wear well-cut jeans, a sweatshirt and sneakers, the ideal outfit for everyday life in the city.

We can also dare to wear a sporty and elegant ensemble, playing on the perfect combination between style and comfort.

3. To wear your fanny pack well: we dare to wear it in a creative way

The nice thing about a fanny pack is that you can wear it in lots of different ways: ideal for feeling like you have a different bag every day!

Version 1 : carry it over the shoulder

This is one of the most practical ways to wear your fanny pack today. It brings a casual side to your look, and allows you to have all your belongings immediately available, while having total freedom of movement.

a man wears a viahero® pilot fanny pack with a cross-body strap

Carry your fanny pack over your shoulder: Pilot viahero® fanny pack , 1083 jeans , Zeta sneakers

Version 2 : wear it around the waist

For a truly retro look, dare to wear it like a real fanny pack: around the waist! For a more contemporary look, don't hesitate to place it slightly on the side.

a man wears a viahero® pilot fanny pack around his waist

Wear your fanny pack around your waist: Pilot fanny pack viahero® , Le Slip Français sweater , 1083 pants , Zeta sneakers

Version 3 : carry it on the back

Perfect if you adopt a sober and elegant look, you can dare to wear the fanny pack on the back. Thanks to its shoulder strap and the cross-body carry, you can easily rotate it to retrieve your belongings inside if necessary. A very interesting contrast if you want to highlight the design of your banana.

a man carries a viahero® pilot fanny pack on his back

Carry your fanny pack on your back: Pilot fanny pack viahero® , Le Slip Français sweater , 1083 pants , Zeta sneakers


Version 4 : carry it on the shoulder

Simple and elegant, you can also opt for the shoulder carry: more drooping, under the arm, this carry brings a different and more original side, for a studied and urban style.

a man carries a viahero® pilot fanny pack on his shoulder

Carry your fanny pack on your shoulder:  Pilot fanny pack viahero® , Le Slip Français Sweater , Trousers 1083 , Zeta sneakers

The idea to remember? Dare to wear your fanny pack in an original way!

An excellent modern accessory, the fanny pack will become your best everyday ally, adapting to all occasions, and bringing an essential touch to your style.


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