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Viahero® Fanny Pack: the iconic fanny pack you need.

The Pilot Fanny Pack from viahero®: the iconic fanny pack you need

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Created in 1992, the viahero® bag and accessories brand returns to the forefront in 2023, under the leadership of Marion Xerri, the founder's niece, and Domitille Pescia. Now made in France, in a plant-based and vegan grape-based material, the founders are reinventing the brand's iconic models, for practical and essential accessories for our daily lives as city dwellers.

Focus and decryption on the new viahero® model: the Pilot Banana.

1. The Pilot Fanny Pack: an accessory that redefines your style.

Active urban or trendy city dweller, the fanny pack trend that has come back in force in recent seasons will not have escaped you. Good news, an emblematic brand of the 90s is making a comeback, and offers you the new companion for your urban adventures: the Pilot Fanny Pack from viahero®. Much more than a simple bag, the brand offers you a resistant, practical, 2 in 1 and customizable model, without compromising on style, ethics and the environment.

pilot fanny pack from viahero® with removable shoulder strap so you can change color as desired

2. The Pilot Fanny Pack: what are its advantages?

Unparalleled practicality: imagine for a moment an accessory that would allow you to keep your essentials close at hand, while having your hands free, to explore the city. Designed for maximum accessibility, the Pilot Banana will become your best everyday ally. 2 in 1, its removable shoulder strap allows it to be worn as a fanny pack or transformed into a clutch, and its large compartment will allow you to store a large number of objects: phone, card holder, keys, transport card, etc. airpods, hydroalcoholic gel...

A cleverly modern and vintage style: perfect alliance between modernity and vintage look, the Pilot Banana from viahero® takes you straight back to the 90's. Its simple, clean lines and silver metallic accessories combined with the brand's logos give it a carefully thought-out urban look. It will adapt perfectly to the urban aesthetic of many looks.

A sustainable and responsible model: to top it all off, viahero® focuses on quality French manufacturing and a sustainable and responsible material. Made from recycled grape marc, a vegan alternative to animal leather, the material is ultra-resistant (it does not scratch or stain, is waterproof and light), and above all eco-responsible. A commitment to sustainable fashion that the brand makes a point of respecting.

a pilot banana from viahero® is placed on the ground, open, with many objects, such as a phone or airpods.

3. The Pilot Banana bag: how to wear it with your looks?

For a chic and casual street style: opt for a classic white t-shirt, well-cut jeans and stylish sneakers. Combined with the Pilot Fanny Pack, you will have a casual look that will not lack style.

For an everyday urban chic style: the Banana Pilot will go very well with more feminine looks. Don't hesitate to wear it with a skirt, a shirt and even heels, for a modern look.

For an elegant style on the move: ideal for moving around, it will be the perfect ally for a comfortable outfit: well-cut pants, light sweater and stylish shoes.

a man from behind wears a white viahero® pilot fanny pack with a removable strap.

Viahero® Pilot Belt Bag

You will have understood, the Pilot Banana from viahero® is not just an accessory, it is the keystone of a modern and relaxed style. Redefine your looks and your essentials, with this essential fanny pack, which combines practicality, style and durability.

And to order your Viahero® Pilot Banana, it's right here: I order it.


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